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Repaint and Mod policy for my work

  • My work here would be next to impossible without a lot of really useful tools, so I am going to list them first. Suzy Tools is a set of easy to use drag-and-drop tools for transforming SRF and DNM models.
  • Mozo's site is the location for DNMviewer and gepolyO, two of the most important programs I use for modding work.
  • Asameshi's site is where you can find a large repository of PERL scripts, all useful for modifying SRF and DNM models. The most useful among them is DNMBUILDER, the main program I use for constructing DNM files.
  • Much thanks to wingzfan99 on ysfhq.com for providing a file hosting services for all ysflight modders.
  • There are many Japanese YSFlight sites with good add-ons. For starters, I suggest Ctrl and KZS packs and the Oranleed Collection.
  • 2ch's General Air Combat (GAC) pack consists of simple yet accurate aircraft models with few moving parts (mostly afterburner flames, landing gears, propellors and variable geometry wings).
  • If you love Tomcats you should check out Hana's VFX project. Hana is instrumental in suggesting or inspiring several of my works.
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