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Unguided Rockets

To install any of these weapons, copy the entire content of that weapon's folder into the MISC folder in your YSflight program folder.

Folder name: hydra70
Country of origin: USA
Hydra 70.
The Hydra 70 can be equipped with a variety of warheads. For this model I choose a standard 17lb Mk.229 HE warhead.
Folder name: S-5K
Country of origin: Former USSR / Russia
S-5 Rocket.
Like the Hydra 70, the S-5 series of aerial rockets comes in many varieties. The S-5K is equipped with a shaped-charge warhead.
Folder name: 5 inch HVAR
Country of origin: USA
5-Inch HVAR (High-Velocity Aircraft Rocket).
Often called the "Holy Moses", the 5" HVAR was used by the US in late WW2 and the Korean War.
Folder name: rp3
Country of origin: United Kingdom
RP-3 Rocket.
The RP-3 (from "Rocket Projectile 3 inch") was used extensively by British aircrafts during WW2. It has a 60lb warhead and is also called the "60lb rocket".
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