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Short-Range Air-Air Missiles

To install any of these weapons, copy the entire content of that weapon's folder into the MISC folder in your YSflight program folder.

Folder name: aim9b | aim9d | aim9e | aim9g | aim9j | aim9l | aim9p | aim9x
Country of origin: USA
AIM-9B / D / E / G / J / L / P / X Sidewinder.
Folder name: aim4d | aim4f | aim4g
Country of origin: USA
AIM-4D / F / G Falcon.
The Falcon missile - the F version is Semi-Active Radar Homing, and the D & G version is Infrared homing - served mostly on the F-101, F-102, F-106 and also the Saab 35 Draken in Swedish service. The D version is actually the last Falcon variant, optimized for fighter combat and deployed in Vietnam on USAF F-4Ds.
Folder name: k13
Country of origin: Former USSR / Russia
Vympel K-13. (NATO reporting name: AA-2 Atoll.)
Folder name: r60
Country of origin: Former USSR / Russia
Molniya (now Vympel) R-60. (NATO reporting name: AA-8 Aphid.)
Folder name: r73
Country of origin: Former USSR / Russia
Vympel R-73. (NATO reporting name: AA-11 Archer.)
Folder name: shafrir1
Country of origin: Israel
Shafrir 1.
The Shafrir 1 was available as early as 1963, but it's performance was poor and most Israeli pilots prefer either using guns or (when available) the US supplied AIM-9B Sidewinder for air combat.
Folder name: shafrir2
Country of origin: Israel
Shafrir 2.
While the Shafrir 1 was not popular, the Shafrir 2 became the IAF's most successful air-air missle in terms of number of kills (89).
Folder name: python3
Country of origin: Israel
Python 3.
Pre-production rounds of the Python 3 was rushed into service to be tested in actual combat situations during the 1982 Lebanon War.
Folder name: python4
Country of origin: Israel
Python 4.
Folder name: aam3
Country of origin: Japan
Mitsubishi AAM-3. (Type 90 air-air missile)
Folder name: asraam
Country of origin: United Kingdom
ASRAAM. (AIM-132 in Australian service.)
Folder name: iris-t
Country of origin: Germany
Italy, Sweden, Greece, Norway and Spain also collaborated in the development of the IRIS-T missile.
Folder name: r550magic
Country of origin: France
R-550 Magic.
Folder name: firestreak
Country of origin: United Kingdom
The De Havilland Firestreak was the first British designed heat seeking missile to enter active service, equipping the English Electric Lightning, the De Havilland Sea Vixen and also the Gloster Javelin.
Folder name: redtop
Country of origin: United Kingdom
The Hawker Siddeley Red Top replaced the Firestreak in RAF and Fleet Air Arm service and is a much improved missile compared with the Firestreak. It remained in service until the retirement of the Lightning in 1988.
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