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RQ-1L Predator

This is the RQ-1L Predator UAV. Since YSflight treat's all Air-Ground Missiles as a AGM-65 Maverick which weights about 300 pounds each, it is not possible to arm the Predator with AGMs in YSflight, as this will give it too great a payload weight to take off. As a result this is only limited to the unarmed RQ-1L version. If YSflight ever includes the Hellfire missile in the program (which weights only 100 pounds each), I will be able to include also the MQ-1L armed Predator.

Note on nomenclature: "RQ-1L" actually refers to the aircraft itself only, while the more commonly seen designation "RQ-1B" denotes the entire Predator system, including the ground control units.

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