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Israeli Air Force Mirage III CJ "Shahak" and IAI Nesher

This is a heavily modified version of the Mirage III from 2ch's General Air Combat (GAC) pack. Versions / paint schemes included:
  • 101, 117 and 119 Squadron markings in early (1960s) un-camouflaged scheme. There are 3 versions for each of the squadrons: clean with pylons only, air-superiority with 500l supersonic external tanks, and attack version with JL100 combined 250l fuel tank and 18 shot rocket pod
  • 101 and 253 Squadron markings in 1970s camouflaged scheme. Each have two versions: clean and air-superiority (see above).
  • 101 Squadron in camouflage with black/yellow triangular identification panels used during the Yom Kippur War. Clean and air-superiority versions.
  • 253 Squadron in 1980s low-viz grey scheme, with supersonic tanks.
  • IAI Nesher of 113 and 144 Squadron, with both clean and air-superiority cersions.
  • Shahak 66 of 119 Squadron. The highest scoring Israeli Shahak pilot during the 6-Days War was Giora Rom from 119 Squadron with 5 kills. Two of those kills were scored by Rom on 5 June 1967 while flying Shahak 66.
  • Shahak 59 of 101 Squadron. This is the highest scoring Shahak in Israeli service, with a total of 13 kills. It is also the first Shahak to score a kill when Yoran Agmon shot down a Syrian MiG-21 in July 1966. Many different pilots have scored kills while flying Shahak 59, among them Oded Marom and Israel Baharav, both of whom at different time become 101 Squadrons CO, and also Israeli AF's top ace, Giora Epstein. This paint scheme represents "59" as it looks like at the start of the Yom Kippur War.
  • Nesher 61 of 113 Squadron. Of Giora Epstein's 17 kills in his career, 8 of them were scored while he was flying 113 Squadron's Nesher 61 even though Epstein belongs to 101 Squadron (the two squadrons were both based in Hatzor air base during the Yom Kippur War).
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