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Junkers Ju-88

This is an extensive modification of the Ju-88 model that is from the EOF pack by M812.

Versions include:
  • Ju-88A-1 of KG-51, which participated in the Battle of Britain.
  • Ju-88A-4 in typical Russian front paint scheme.
  • Ju-88A-4 (or Ju-88A-11) in desert scheme.
  • Ju-88G-6 Nightfighter

The bomber versions include a working manual bombsight. Use the F1 key to switch from normal cockpit view to the bombsight view. Use the PgUp/PgDn keys (vector thrust control) to adjust the wide arrow so that it points to your current altitude (e.g. "150" means 15000 feet). The narrow arrow indicates your current air speed and is automatic. The sight is calibrated to 17500 feet and 180 knots. The further you are from this point the less accurate the sight is, so during the bomb run you may want to keep your speed within the 150-200 knots range and your altitude in the 15000 - 20000 feet range.

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