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British Aerospace Hawk T.1/T.1A, Hawk 51 and Hawk 115 (CT-155)

A big Thank You to red7jon of the Virtual Red Arrows for his help & suggestions.
Two different RAF Hawk T.1A: The top aircraft is from the 100 Squadron, and the bottom one from 208 Squadron
Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team " The Red Arrows"
This is the demostration aircraft (serial# XX195) of the 208 Squadron, for the 2006 Airshow season.
The first export customer for the BAe Hawk is the Finnish Air Force, who ordered 50 aircrafts in 1977. Next year (2007) will be the Hawk's 30's anniversary in Finnish service.
The Canadian CT-155 Hawk is based on the Hawk 115 advanced fighter trainer. As part of the NATO Flying Training in Canada program, a number of aircrafts were purchased by Bombardier Aerospace which are then leased to the Canadian Armed Forces. These were operated by 15 Wing in CFB Moose Jaw and 4 Wing in CFB Cold Lake.
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