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GAC Repaints

This is a series of repaints of the aircrafts found in 2ch's General Air Combat (GAC) pack. The GAC pack consists of simple yet accurate aircraft models with few moving parts (mostly afterburner flames, landing gears, propellors and variable geometry wings).

The Il-28/H-5 comes in two flavors: the "autogun" version has the tail turret controlled by the computer, and the other version the tail turret is manually controlled. You can press F1 to switch to the tail turret view. There's a gun sight in the tail turret view to help you aim.

The "CF-187s" are fictional variants of the Su-27 / Su-37 adapted for Canadian Armed Forces. CF-187 Gyrfalcon is the official designation, however it is more commonly known as the "CF-27", refering to the Su-27 lineage. (The Gyrfalcon is the largest of all Falcon species, breeds on Arctic coasts and islands of North America, Europe and Asia.) The CF-187A is basically similar to a late model Su-27 (like the Su-27M). The B variant is a two seat conversion trainer version of the A model. The C model is a vastly different aircraft compared with the A model. It is a joint Bombardier / Sukhoi development of the Su-37 (dubbed the Su-37K by Sukhoi - K stands for "Kanada"), with vectored thrust technology. The engine nozzles on the CF-187C not only swivel up/down like the original Su-37, but also swivels outwards to increase the yawing movement. The D version is the two seat trainer version of the C model.

The AC-47 Spooky is in the same markings as Spooky 71 of 3rd SOS. It was on this aircraft that USAF Airman 1st Class John L. Levitow won a Medal of Honor one night in February 1969.

Please refer to the slide show above to see what is included.
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