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F-86 and Canadair Sabres

This is a heavily modified version of the F-86 Sabre from 2ch's General Air Combat (GAC) pack. The fuselage is basically from that model, although the nose air intake and the tail extention above the exhaust were reshaped. The vertical tail and horizontal stabilzers were reshaped also to give a better cross section. The main wings are all new as there are 4 different versions. Also moving parts are added and landing gears new also.

Versions / paint schemes included:
  • F-86E of 4th Fighter-Interceptor Wing, circa 1952.
  • F-86F of 51st Fighter-Interceptor Wing, circa 1953.
  • F-86F-40 of Dale Snotgrass. This is a very popular warbird frequently seen at airshows.
  • Canadair Sabre Mk.5 N8686F, used by Boeing as a chase plane. N8686F is actually a hybrid with the Mk.5 airframe and engine (Orenda 10), but mounted the Mk.6's slatted "6-3" wing.
  • Canadair Sabre Mk.6, Royal Canadian Air Force 434 "Bluenose" Squadron.
  • Canadair Sabre Mk.6, RCAF "Golden Hawks" demostration team.
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