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F-104 Starfighters
I would like to think the following two for their help on this project:
  • HotelFox (www.cleared4takeoff.de) for his help on researching the MarineFlieger (German Navy) versions of the Starfighter.
  • Luckybeargod (ysflight.googlepages.com) for his amazing logo work on the NASA "meatball" logo and also the "Starfighters" logo for the Starfighters Airshow Demo Team.

A note on nomenclature of Canadian Starfighters: The Canadian Armed Forces' designation of the Starfighter is the "CF-104". It is for all practical purposes identical to the F-104G, but the "G" suffex was never adopted by the Canadian military and is never used. Many websites/books call the Canadian Starfighters the "CF-104G" which is incorrect. The dual seat trainer version under Canadian service is the "CF-104D".

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