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Repaint and Mod policy for my work

Default bis pack

I just couldn't stand the bright blue canopies or turquoise blue F-16s anymore, so I went through every default YS aircrafts and put some more realistic color on it and fixed some of the more inaccurate models.

The goals I established myself for this project:
  • Do not increase the polygon count if possible.
  • No more bright blue canopies.
  • All afterburner flame repainted to yellow instead of red.
  • All props/rotors will have the highspeed prop shadow.
  • No DAT file modding if possible. However, some of them do need a new DAT file because the landing gear and/or the cockpit position has moved and the DAT needs to be amended to reflect these changes.

These aircrafts have a new DAT file: A6, AH1, AH64, C130, EA6B, F4E, F4EJ, F14, F104, MiG21, Mirage2000, TU160

The A6, EA6B and the F14 needs to have the entire model scaled up, and the TU160 have the entire top fuselage redone so all the files for these aircrafts were changed.

Because of the nature of this pack, as it is intended to replace the default aircrafts that comes with YSflight, it is being provided as a seperate package from my aircraft pack. Just unzip into the AIRCRAFT folder and replace the default files. You may want to backup the old files before you do this.
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