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Repaint and Mod policy for my work

Simple airliners

(Formerly known as Hien's airliners repaints)

These are a series of simple airliners. The 737, 767 and 777 are repaints of models from the Hien's Additional Data Pack, the 747 was a modded version of the default 747, the A320 is a simplified version of Owl's excellent A320, the DC10/MD11 are heavily modified versions of the Real Pack MD11, and the A340-300 is a heavily modified version originally from the (now defunct) NIA virtual airline. The DC10/MD11, 747 and Airbuses have only moving flaps and landing gears, to keep the model simple.

Aircrafts included:

WestJet 737-700
KLM 767-300, 747-400
Air Canada 767-300, A320, A340-300, A320 "Symphony of Voices", 777-300ER
Sky Service A320
Air France A340-300
American Airlines 777-200
United Airlines 777-200
Cathay Pacific 777-300, 747-400, A340-300
British Airways 777-200, 747-400
Lufthansa 747-400
Korean Air 747-400
Qantas 747-400
Federal Express DC-10-10F (or MD-10-10F), MD-11F
Canadian Airlines DC-10-30
CP Air DC-10-30

Also included in the aircraft pack is a zip file containing the white versions of the 747, DC10/MD11, and airbuses for repainting.
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